In Arbor Park, November 2016, light show by A. Kemp, celebrating the park in winter.


Mr. and Mrs. Pickle Juice and Their Dog Kool-Aid Looking at a Piece of Modern Art.  In Lincoln Park at the site of Christmas in the Park.





...and more at the Third Street Gallery



Photos from A. Kemp's summer art camp at the Museum of Art, 2015, "Porcupines, Unicorns, Hedgehogs, or None of These."                                    Photos by M. Weaver





















































On the left, FINE SUMMER DAY, ALLEY VIEW, was $600, now $450.           Upper right: VIEW ACROSS THE RIVER, $750.

See them both at Browning Arts, 23 S. 4th St., Grand Forks, ND, 701-746-5090


Installation by A. Kemp at Lincoln Park's Christmas in the Park, Grand Forks, by day and by night. The Three Wise Men Chasing The Psychedelic Explosion of Love and Faith.  The star inside was made at a workshop at the Here Today exhibition in London, with the help of some small children.









See more of Mat Kemp's art on exhibit. 

Photos at left by David Kemp. 


 Art for the holidays.  See more at YOU ARE HERE and the 3rd St. Gallery on Kittson.

The Best Car in theWorld, rice, paint, toy Citroen.




See Mat Kemp's work on







Another view of the Big-Eyed Driftwood Snake Monster by                           Train bridge reflections, photo by A. Kemp

Adam and Hanna, photo by A. Kemp

Follow this link to an article in the newspaper on June 17, 2014

  These two works are at the Empire in studio e, part of the Kempire Pop-Up Art Party. The title of the sculpture is Cherry Blossom Mineral Rights.

This bison below was built with the children at the Museum of Art Summer Art Camp.                   Photos by M. Weaver

The finished bison below, installed at the DAC building in EGF, MN.  I'm getting better at working without a saw; I only made 4 cuts in all.  This was a group project, and I enjoyed working with this charming group of people.   The 2 pieces at the front of the head are from Sanders restaurant.  The two waterskis and the one oar are from Steve--thank you, Steve.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.  The people I worked with were terrific.  Thank you very much.  Is there any cake left?                Photos by M. Weaver

This will be a bison sculpture (below). Wood is from Sanders restaurant,

Stump Lake, Turtle River State Park and one piece from the British

Virgin Islands.  Photo by A. Kemp

                                                                                                          Photo by M.Weaver

Photo by Matt Borgerson                            Photo by M. Weaver              Photo by David Kemp            Photo by David Kemp



Above photo by A. Kemp of big-eyed driftwood      Cow on coulee photo by M. Weaver                                          Photo by M. Weaver     

snake monster by Adam & Hanna     


Once at a summer art camp, the father of a boy asked his son, "Did you have fun at art camp today?"  The boy, exasperated,  answered, "Dad, Dad, it's not about fun, it's a work camp!"