Boathouse Project


Thank you to the Grand Forks Public Works facility and staff who have been good to work with and very accomodating.  Thank you for letting me make a mess--I mean art--in your yard.



A trip.                                                                                                                                                                Photos by M. Weaver.

The photo at the immediate bottom right is the structure for the outhouse.  I was halfway through working on it when I suddenly realized the portapotties themselves aren't necessarily the most attractive sculptural statements but they are drastic-plastic bright blue and I tried to have that in mind while working on this piece.  Proof again that some of our best and worst thinking happens in the outhouse.

The photos below were taken by A. Kemp.


Photos below by Matt Borgerson.

The photos below were taken by M. Weaver.

The photos below were taken by Matt Borgerson.

The photo below was taken by Caleb Kobilansky.


      Photo above by Caleb Kobilansky.

Photos below by M. Weaver.

Photos above by M. Weaver.


The photos below were taken by Caleb Kobilansky.
















The group of photos above were taken by Caleb Kobilansky.                                                                                                                             


Photos above by A. Kemp.


The photos above were taken by M. Weaver.