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Browning Arts offers a wide range of services.  Aside from picture framing and restoration, which are outlined on the other tabs, we do dry mounting, shrink wrapping, and stretcher building on unstretched or previously stretched paintings and gicleés.  Click on other tabs to read more about framing, restoration, art consultancy, and stretcher building.

We work with you to present your pieces to their best advantage.

We also are happy to consult with you about the art pieces you have and help you to determine whether they are original or reproductions, exactly what medium the work is, and give a general overview of age and condition.  Deeper analyses can be done but there may be a fee depending on what they entail. 

Payment is in the form of cash or check.  There are numerous ATMs in the downtown area in case you used your last check, but in the case of framing orders, when the job is done, you will get a call and know ahead of time.  While placing your order, you may request an estimate. 


An estimate is just an educated guess at what a job may cost, based on dimensions and your choices for frame, mat, glass, etc., BUT it is often done in a hurry.  IT ISN'T BINDING.  It is an approximate calculation.  The final price may be more or less than the estimate based on factors that were unforseen when the order was taken, or even human error.  Customers are still responsible for the full bill as presented when the job is completed.  Those who wish to pay ahead can request a full and complete pricing out or final quote of their order beforehand.



If you have given a deadline for the completion of your work and the deadline is met and you are notified that your order is ready, and you do not pick it up in accordance with your stated deadline, a charge will be added to your bill at the rate of 25% of your total bill ($10 minimum).

All other orders:  Once you have been notified that your order is ready, you have 30 days in which to pick it up or make payments.  You may have up to 3 months to pay it in full.  After 3 months with no payment activity, Browning Arts reserves the right to dispose of your order, and you will lose whatever you have paid, unless other arrangements have been made.

Storage charges will  be assessed at the rate of $5 per piece per month for any 30 day period in which there has been no payment, and service charges will be added to any unpaid balance at the rate of 1  1/2% per month for any 30 day period in which there has been no payment.


When you are called that your order is ready, it will be appreciated if you make every effort to pick it up promptly.  Thank you.